Will ACS assess partial work experience?

Hi Anil,

I have 14 years of work experience, but ACS assessed saying my employment period 2006-2012 was not assessable citing insufficient payment evidence.

  1. ACS did not ask for additional documents and directly sent me the decision.
  2. I have submitted 2 financial documents ( Form 16, ITR ) for 2008-2012, and 1 document for 2006 and 2007. Will ACS state the full employment period as non-assessable, even if only 2 years does not have enough documents?

I have written to ACS. In the meantime, any input on next course of action will be greatly appreciated.

As per ACS guidelines, you should send all documents and do not rely on them asking for missing or incomplete documents.

They make a final decision based on the documents you submit.