Will ACS consider training experience - skill assessment experience calculation


The first company I worked for 10 months contracts as a retainer and later I became a permanent employee of the same company as an associate system engineer. How acs will accept this during skill assessment ? will they consider my contract work experience as a retainer?

I have 60 months right now, if they don’t consider my first 10 months, I would have 50 months only where I cannot claim 5 points.

The position I’m going to apply for “Computer Science and system engineer”

1st company - ABC14 July 2014 to 13 May 2015 (10 Months) - Retainer
later - ABC 14 May 2015 to 06 May 2016(11 Months) - Associate system engineer

2nd company - DEF 18 May 2016 to 08 May 2017 (11 Months) - Senior system engineer

3rd company - XYZ 21 Aug 2017 to till not (28 Months)

kindly let me know should I wait for another 10 months to get 5 points or will they consider the total months as 60 and provide 5 points ???

If the training experience is valid and you can get your roles and responsibilities on paper, the ACS should count it.

Hi Anil,

Can I get a sign from the letterhead like below? Does it make sense?

This is certify that MR. XXX was employed with ABC Technologies Limited from 14 July 2014 to 06 May 2016 in the role of Associate System Engineer as a full-time employee for approximately 40 hours per week. Initially, he was on Contract from 14-July-2014 to 13 May 2015 in a Retainer position and later he became a permanent employee for ABC.

The following are his Roles and responsibilities:

That should work for ACS assessment.

Thank you for the confirmation.