Will be moving to US next year, I am concerned about India police verification during passport renewal

I am moving to US next year and my passport expires in 1 year 8 months from now. So as soon as I move, I will have 8 months left on my passport. My biggest fear is police verification back in India when I am abroad.
I have heard from many people that even if you apply for renewal from US, you HAVE to provide an Indian address and a relative’s contact info.
I find this extremely confusing. How can someone be forced to maintain an Indian residence while being an NRI? And how can someone be forced to make a relative be around near that address for police verification?
It appears like these rules were made thinking that everyone has a huge joint family in India and one member of the family goes abroad.

Any advice on how to prepare for this? Should I purchase a house and keep it as my “permanent Indian residence”? Is there some legal work I can do to ensure that the police can easily verify that it is my address without having to ask my “relatives” who will not be there?

Worst part is, if there are issues with police verification, I can’t even take a vacation and come back to India to sort it out because I would have surrendered my passport already.

Please advice.

You can apply for a re-issue of passport up to 1 year before the expiry. Since you said you will be moving after 1 year (with 8 months remaining on your passport), you can renew before moving.

On next renewal (say in USA), there may or may not be PV. You can give contact details of your relative or even a friend such a situation arise. I haven’t heard of any embassy/consulate impounding the passport unless asked by Govt. due to grave criminal cases (a rare distant possibility).

None of the advices given here are legal. So use your own discretion.

Hi, thank you for your response. Sorry I wrote the expiry date wrongly. I have 2 years 8 months left on my passport. And I plan to emigrate in 1 year. So it will be impossible to renew it before I leave, unless I postpone my emigration date.

I can give the contact details of a relative or friend, but what is the expectation from my friend or relative? Should I also give their home address as my Indian address? The process seems so unclear. Based on what I have been reading, and this source from Frankfurt consulate: https://cgifrankfurt.gov.in/public_files/assets/pdf/FAQs%20on%20Consular%20Services.pdf it clearly says that we have to provide an Indian address. It even warns that providing an incorrect address could lead to problems.
Does this imply that one has to have an Indian address? If I provide my cousin’s address who lives in a different city, would the police accept that? It seems like what they expect is that every NRI should have a house in India and should have an ID with that address and should have someone in the house who can answer the police.

I am just looking for some clarity on what is expected so that I can plan and comply accordingly.

edit = sorry I said you misread it when it was actually me who miswrote it :slight_smile:

Yes, they expect that you have someone in India who’s address can be used to verify your identity.

That’s how Indian government has designed the process. Nobody can question it and nobody can change it.

thanks Anil. could you please be more specific about “whose address can be used to verify your identity” part?

Do you mean that BOTH of these below requirements must be true for an NRI to renew his or her passport?

  1. the NRI must have someone (relative or friend) in India
  2. that someone’s (relative’s or friend’s) address must be on some ID of the NRI. so the NRI can’t give a random relative’s address because the relative’s address will not be on any of the NRI’s ID card.

If the above is true, then I think one of the follow steps must be taken by someone before leaving India and becoming an NRI:

  1. Have an address in his or her name, and invite relatives to live there.
  2. Change his address in his aadhar to some address of his relative. This will probably be possible only if the relative is a parent or sibling. As far as I know one can’t change his aadhaar address to that of a random relative or friend.

Sounds unrealistically hard. I wonder how the other NRIs are managing today. It seems possible only for those who have siblings or parents back in India.

You are thinking too much. There are millions of Indians managing it.

Yes I agree. It seems like it’s a non issue for most. That must mean either:

  1. Government is not so strict about police address verification. Maybe they just give it if there is no criminal record as @Diwedy said
  2. Most of the NRIs have parents or siblings back in India


It’d still be good if we know the official rules, though. It all seems so random.

For me, I am a bit older than most. So I don’t have much family left in India. That is why I want to be more prepared.

Then, get the passport renewed in India itself before coming to the US. This will buy you 10 years of mental peace.

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