Will Chance of invite improve for people getting extra 10 points in Nov 2019?

Hi Anil,

Do you have any idea how high the minimum points will be now?

I submitted in June 2019 for 190 with 75 points. Since the scores got updated a few hours ago, I’ve been bumped up to 85 points. I imagine tons of people also got these boosts. But I wonder if that actually does make it better for us.

People who were having 85 points before are now at 95, so they’ll still be given preference.

Hi @TinaE

The new trend would be defined by the next draw and then we would know how many people have been upgraded. But, as you have rightly said, a large percentage of people would have got the automatic score upgrade, the chance will probably be more of less same for an invite.

But, since, you got 10 points, you are now placed ahead of family applications who’s spouse does not work. So, in a way, your chances have improved with at-least 50% as per my estimation.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta,
May I ask about the chance to be invited before my 485 expires (27/04/2020)?

  • EOI VISA 189 for Business Analyst submitted on 07/08/2019 (75 points).
  • Current point: 85 (I am single)
    Thank you.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I had expressed my interest on 4th May 2019 with 70 points for the job code 261312 under 189. And from Nov 16th I have 75 points. By any chance, you would be able to suggest how long I might have to wait for an invite?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Benny_Anto

Unfortunately, the chance or invite with 75 points will be low after the Nov 2019 changes.

I suggest to increase points to at-least 80 to have better chances of invite.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Thank you so much for your quick reply. As per your recommendation, my only option to increase my points is to try and get a 79 in PTE. Considering i do so and improve my points to 85 say by max start of Jan 2020, what are my chances of getting an invite ? I am bit worried about the time taken because by Oct 2020 i might cross 32 and would loose points for my age. Will it be possible to get things done if i get 85 by Jan.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Benny_Anto

Cannot say what will the trend in Jan 2020. The next draw in December will define the new trend.

You can come back and ask again once you have increased your points.