Will DOE change if replacing single points with spouse points?

I’m claiming 10 points for being single at the moment. If i marry now to a person with skill assessment done and competent English score - and claim 10 points for partner —- will this change the DoE as total points will still remain the same ??

Hi @kani_garg

DOE changes only when the total points change. In your case, i don’t think the DOE will change.

But as per the definition which is mentioned on thé points breakdown sheet of the EOI - “DoE is the date on which your points were last calculated “ .

In my case , when i remove single status and add skilled partner , 10 points will be removed and then added back again and the total points will be recalculated to 85.

Here recalculation will take place anyway , just that the score will again get equal to 85.

So as per the definition of DoE , date should change to present date when recalculation happened. Right ?? Please share your views. This is my own understanding.

I already shared my view above.

Yesterday a friend told me that DHA rejects application with recent marriages - a marriage has to be 1 year old if you’re adding a spouse in whichever scenario.

Is it true ? So if I register marriage now , and add partner details in my EOI - there are chances of rejection since relationship won’t be a year old at the time of application?

I’m planning to get married and add a skilled partner to my EOI after marriage.

I got the document checklist to establish the relationship on the internet- which is broadly categoried in four types of evidences : the financial aspects , the nature of household, the social aspects, and the nature of commitment to each other.

I am okay with collecting all the evidences after marriage but what I’m concerned about is - since our marriage would be only 3-4 months old when we will get our 189 invitation ( which i am expecting in next four months) , won’t it raise questions or suspicion as the nature of your commitment to each other criteria asks for : “the length of your relationship and how long you have lived together.”

I’m concerned that we will collect as much evidence (joint accounts , joint lease , joint bills , photos, travel done together etc) about our married relationship as we can but that would be covering a short length of time due to our new marriage ( we will be newly weds at the time of receiving invitation). Won’t DHA be unwilling to take it as a long lasting and continuing relationship?


I have not heard of any such criteria where they reject your PR just because you got married recently.

All of this are just made up stories. If you have legitimate documents to prove your marriage, you are good.

Not sure where you get all these rumors from.

but I’m not able to decide whether we will be able to prove our relationship to be genuine and ongoing because I’m working in Hyderabad (India) and my to be husband would be working in Gurgaon (India). Hence , we would be living in two different cities after marriage. And won’t be able to provide joint lease agreement as proof of shared household. Will DHA understand that we are living apart due to work if we provide other proofs of financial aspect and statutory declarations ??
Will air tickets to visit each other, phone calls , emails - would prove sufficient evidence if living apart?

I’m concerned that due to this scenario, DHA might get suspicious of recent marriage and may reject my application. Please suggest what shall be done here and if anyone faced the same situation??

Do you have any other option than to provide these document? You have now added new points to your situation that do seem to point something that does not happen normally.

Why are you getting married if you do not plan to stay together? What is the reason for this marriage at this time when you cannot live together? These are offcourse genuine questions that will pop up.

Thank you so much for your response.
Me and my boyfriend studied together in the same college and then worked in the same city for 3 years - made trips together and we have all photos , travel tickets , hotel bookings , emails , chats - all from the very beginning of our dating in 2015.
We made two international trips together last year and we have travel tickets and hotel bookings for that as well.
Then i changed my job and shifted to another city in November, 2019 . He visited me and i visited him - we have air tickets of our visits to each other and whatsapp chats & phone calls.
so we have been dating for 5 years now. Now, if we marry will it not show genuineness? We are just short of one document - that’s joint rent agreement because now we live in different cities and want to get married to add in EOI so that we receive PR at the same time and then move to Australia & live together there. We can create joint bank account now and start putting money in that , we can get statements from friends & family & ourselves. We can show the entire period we dated by photos we have dating back to 2015 .
Will even then DHA have doubts since we have jobs in different cities and dont live together after marriage just because of job . Can we show that we are hunting the job ?
Please share your views .

All of this only shows your relationship to the extent that you are friends.

It does not prove that you are married and living together.