Will EA consider my updated document for Income tax?

Hi. .
A applied in EA for skill assessment for CDR and relevant skill assessment in Jan 2019. I got positive outcome later. My Anzsco code is 233311, Electrical engineer. And my experience is sep-2014 to till date. But EA consider only Feb-2017 to till date.

I submitted following documents. :-
Appointment later
Form 16.
Income tax return acknowledgement.
Pay slips.
Bank statement.
Salary certificate.
And also Form 26as.
But My TDs is 0rs, so as per income-tax guide line 0 TDs data not compulsory so my employer did not send data before feb-2017. So in my form 26-as only Feb 2017 to till date data display. So EA considered only this period experience.

Now I told All this situation to my HR & account department. Then our employer send my salary data to income tax department as per them guideline. Now my all 26as forms are updated.

So I will go for only new relevant skill assessment in EA.

EA will consider my updates document?

If you apply for a fresh assessment with new documents, they should consider your new updated documents.

I am going with new application but same EA ID. So my new outcome later will update in old later or only relevant skill assessment display in outcome later??
I want to later with anzsco code and relevant skill assessment. What should I do?

As per my information, you will get a new report and new report ID.

Ok thanks… As per your experience In my case any chance to update my experience?? EA will consider my all experience?? I have not PF statement. Because I am not in PF. Is any other document required??
Please help me.

It depends on the EA assessment. I am not sure if they will count your full experience or not.

Do you know for sure the reason as to why they did not count full experience earlier?

Hi Anil,

  1. I am working since 2012 but in my assessment, EA only considered my work experience since 2014. However, I have worked in the same company from 2012-2015. Can I claim my work experience from 2012-2014 while submitting an EOI ? I have got the same employer reference letter for my work experience from 2012-2015 and EA have only considered my work experience for 2014-15 though my CDR’r were related to my experience from 2017-2019. So, m sure that have nothing to do with the CDR.
    I think EA have not considered my work experience from 2012-2014 because I have not submitted all necessary supporting documents (form 26as, form 16). But, if I have all supporting docs now, then they can be considered in EOI ?
  2. I have one more query for spouse points.My wife does not have any work experience, but since, she have completed her graduation in accounts, we have applied for her skill assessment. CPA asked us to clear one additional exam for a successful outcome. We’r in process of giving that additional exam. Can I claim her points in my EOI before having a successful outcome? We’r sure that we’ll get her successful outcome after clearing the exam in a month time. But, I want to know if the outcome letter can come on a date later than the date of invite for 189/190.
  3. Also, how much time we will get to submit the required documents in the claim of the information we have submitted for EOI after getting an invite ?
  4. Whether, we need to submit notarized skill assessment letters and english language test report?

Hi @Gaurav_Kapoor

You cannot claim years of experience that has not been marked as ‘relevant’ by your assessment company.

If you think your experience will be considered ‘relevant’ of you submit proofs, it is better to get a new EA assessment and then claim points.

Do NOT claim points for spouse until you have the spouse assessment result in hand.

You get 60 days to submit documents after invite.

Notarized copy of assessment and English test report are not required but recommended.