Will F1 to H4 COS be delayed if I extend my F1 visa?

Hi friend,

I would like to share my situation here. Hope can get some advice. My F1 to H4 cos has about 8 months pending My I20 originally will be ended in this Summer, but I just extend it to December due to incomplete coursework and would like to finish up degree by then. My question is that does it kind of affect the process of my current cos? Will it continue being delayed as I now have a valid F1 status until December?

I am just thinking that if USCIS officers usually adjudicate cos cases after the current valid status ends to a certain period of time, for most of the applications. Do they usually follow this kind of pattern in adjudicating cases? What pattern do you usually see based on your experience? They only have my old I20 when I submitted everything last year, but I believe they are able to see all SEVIS actions up to date in their system, isn’t it? Can I get my I20 back to before in such case?

Thanks for reading my post!

There is no such pattern followed by USCIS.

They will approve your H4 as and when USCIS officer gets to work on it.