Will H4 visa stamp be given with future start date to match H1b extension future date?

Hi Anil,

H1B to H4 COS approved with future start date

I changed my COS from H1b to H4 with my spouse extension. USCIS approved H1B & H4 with spouse extension date i.e. 06/06/2019.

My H1B is currently until 07/13/2019. However, my employment is ending March 25, 2019. So, me and my spouse planning to go abroad for visa stamping to ensure my change os status (h4) is effective ASAP and I don’t loose my status.

Will H4 visa stamp be given with future start date?

So, if we go to stamping with spouse approved h1b which is approved from 06/06 then will consulate stamp H4 visa from the same date or the day we went to stamping?

Spouse current and future employer is same no change and spouse visa is stamped until 06/06. I don’t have visa in my passport.

Just want to make sure consulate stamps my visa with the date we attended visa interview. If they consider to stamp for future date then I will be struck.

Please advise/recommend.

As per my information, H4 stamp will be given the start and end date based on the H1B i797 that you use.

If you use the current approved H1B i797, then it will off-course have the short validity.

If you use the new H1B i797 who’s validity starts on 6/6/2019, then your H4 visa will also carry the same start and end date.