Will I get any preference for Victoria state nomination if I get a transfer letter from my organisation?

I have 80 + 5 points with 90 overall in PTE.

I have updated my skill select EOI for victoria 190, last week. I have been told that with 85 points chances are very less for developer programmer.

On the other hand, I am a bit hesitant to apply for 491, because I have been told by my current organisation that they can transfer me to their Melbourne branch if I have a work permit, but if I have 491, I will not be able to work in my current organisation, which is located in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Is there any hope of getting an invite with 85 points, if so how many months? Will I get any preference for state nomination, if I get a transfer letter from my organisation?

Hi @nikita_mohanty

Victoria does require a job offer letter for giving 190 PR but the invite is sent based on points.

So, your job offer letter can work only if you have got the invite.

You should try and increase the points if possible as 80/85 is not a good score as per current trend.

Thanks for the reply @Anil.Gupta. There seems to be no way for me to increase my points other than waiting till October 2020 wherein I will get 5 additional points for experience.

From your reply, it appears that even waiting for 4 to 5 months will not fetch an invitation, and I would have to forget my job offer.

Is there any other state that might fetch an invitation with 85 points for a developer programmer?

States do not share any invite data. hence, it is not possible to predict anything.

They may or may not invite with 85 invites.

Hi Anil,

Do you mean 85 point invites have less chances for programmers or is it for every occupation? I have filed for ICT project manager and waiting since Aug 2019.

Hi @Sujibulusu

The current trend shows invites with 90/95 points for almost all occupation codes in 189.

The 190 invites follow the same trend more or less.

Thanks ,Anil. I will get additional 5 mins after two months from ACS. How is ACS evaluation process? Do we need to pay again and get it re assessed?

A new ACS assessment is required evey time you want to add something.