Will it effect my GC processing if h1b status is withdrawn?

Hi Anil

My husband is currently on L1A status but October 1st his H1B gets activated.As I am working with L2 EAD ,I will have to stop working on October 1st. Our i140 is approved and we are parallelly waiting for GC EAD.
What would be the consequences of my husband requesting his employer of withdrawing his H1B petition. Will it have any impact on our GC processing and Can my husband use the same H1B cap in future to apply job with a different employer?
should we ask USCIS to withdraw h1b petition before or after October 1st?if after October 1st,will the L1A status gets reactivated after petition is withdrawn?

GC job is a future job and will have no impact due to withdraw of H1B.

This is a gray area and depends on the adjudicating officer who will handle the future cap-exempt H1B application.
If you withdraw the H1B petition before the start date, technically it will not get activated (as you never worked for the employer and petition was withdrawn before beneficiary switching to H1B) and the future cap-exempt H1B application can be denied.
However there have been cases where once cap-subject H1B was approved but never activated (by visa stamping or working for the H1B employer), the beneficiary were able to find a new employer and got cap-exempt H1B approved.

You need to consult your immigration lawyer and act on their guidance.