Will TCS provide me tickets to travel back to India if i resign at onsite?

Hi Anil,

Thank you for the detailed article and Q&A on this topic! It does help answer a lot of queries just reading it.

I have a query & will be grateful if you can help with this. I am on L1A with TCS for 2.5 years now, I have an offer from my client to join them in offshore and I thinking about it. Question I have are:

  1. If I am proceeding further with the offer, If I resign in USA and then travel to India and serve notice from India, will TCS provide me tickets to travel back or do they have an option to deny my return travel?
  2. If I resign in USA, do I need to immediately travel offshore or it is possible for me to serve 1 month notice in USA and 1 month in India?

Thanks in Advance!


  1. They will provide you tickets to go back to India.
  2. It depends on your settlement with your manager and HR after you resign. You can serve one month in US and one month in India. Just talk to them and see if they agree on it.

Thank you so much!! Appreciate your prompt response!

hi kartik and Anil

i am in same situation 2 monts back i came to dubai on onsite assinment. now i got offer in ofshore wit different organization. can you tell me your experience, thanks in advance.