Will the provisional Relieving letter be valid for ACS assessment?

Hello sir. Hope you’re doing well. I just have one doubt. For my 1st employment I have my provisional relieving letter but at the same time I have my Roles and responsibilities letter also for that. So will the provisional Relieving letter be valid?

There is no need for provisional relieving letter for ACS assessment.

ACS only needs your roles and responsibilities letter.

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Thanks for your response Anil,

I have also done many certifications in my 1st as well as current company. Can I furnish them? I’m sure they will be assessable. They should be.

Some certifications are accessible but not all. If you have your bachelor or masters degree, then they would be counted first than certifications.

Also, note that you can only send max of 8 documents for ACS assessment in one application. So, choose wisely as to what you think has more value than others.

Thanks for your response, so my document set is as follows:

EDUCATION - 4pdfs which is less than 8
PERSONAL DOCS - RPL, passport, resume - 3pdfs which is less than 8
EMPLOYMENT-1 - 7pdfs which is less than 8
EMPLOYMENT-2 - 4pdfs which is less than 8

So, I think the ACS dashboard will allow me to upload as the above 4 sets do not exceed maximum of 8pdfs. please clarify