Will US address on Indian passport have issues for H1B extension?

Hi Anil,

I have below questions while filling-up the form:

  • What shall I fill in “Present Occupation” for my wife?
  • If I choose “Address to be printed in India Passport” as INDIA, then do I need to present Indian address proof?
  • If I choose “Address to be printed in India Passport” as USA, will it have any impact on my H1 renewals, GC processing and any other immigration things?


  1. Present Occupation of wife should be whatever she is working as. If she is not working which have not told clearly, just write ‘Home maker’.
  2. If your current Indian address is different from what you have currently in your passport, and you want it printed on new passport, then you need to provide Indian address proof.
  3. There is effect on H1 visa renewals or GC processing or anything else based on your address in US.

Hi Anil,
What would be impact on H1 renewal or GC if we print USA address on renewed passport ?

Nothing. No impact as far as i know. Indian passport address is only for Indian authorities.
US H1 renewal or GC are not affected by it.

Do you have or heard of any specific situation where it may affect? If yes, then please share.
I have not heard of any yet.

No, I have not heard anything. I just asked based on your above response in point 3. Thank you so much for all your help and work.