Will USCIS abandon H4 if we don’t appear for bio-metrics at specified timings?

Hello Anil.

We have applied h1B h4 h4 EAD in premium. We reside in Seattle, WA. The packet was sent to uscis on Apr 18.

On Apr 26 we received H1 approval.

For H4 and h4 EAD, the case status on USCIS showed error message. We communicated this to lawyer and he told us to be patient until USCIS rectifies error.

On May 13 while casually checking the lawyer website, I saw a bio-metric notice which said that my spouse has bio metric appointment on MAY 06 and the address is NEW York center.

We were shocked as the appointment is on May 06 and we came to know about this on May 13 and that too in New York center.

We rushed to nearest center and they accommodated us and took the fingerprints.

Now our question is -

Since the receipt says if we don’t appear for bio-metrics at specified timings (on May 06) the application will be abandoned.
Now that we have provided bio metrics on May 13 (after a week delay), does USCIS resume the processing?

I am not able to check this as case status still shows error. I am afraid if the application is still abandoned as we missed the original appointment and did not ask for reschedule

H4 Biometric process is new at this time and USCIS is accommodating the misses.

I do not think your application will be abandoned. You should be fine. Don’t worry.