Will USCIS reuse biometrics given for UK visa at ASC center for my H4 EAD?

I will be applying for H4-EAD extension in another few weeks. I had given my biometrics at ASC 1.5 years ago in order to get the UK visa. Will USCIS use that information or will they only consider the biometrics submitted for US relevant immigration/ visas?

Hi @Jjoba

First thing to note is that H4 EAD does not need biometrics. Only H4 application needs biometrics.

If you are filing both H4 and H4 EAD, then, yes, you will need biometrics.

USCIS will not use your fingerprints given for UK visa. They can only reuse biometrics if they were given to USCIS and not UK agency even though they were taken at common ASC center as i have explained in this article:

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