With approved I-140 and H1B transfer from Employer A to B - how this affects H4 EAD renewal?

Hi Anil,

My spouse is on H1B valid until March 2021 (Employer A) and in a week’s time from now H1B will be transferred to a new company (Employer B).

I-140 was approved in Apr 2019

My Questions:

  1. Does Employer B have to start the entire GC process from beginning - like applying for Perm, and then again apply for I-140? What does it mean by I-140 transfer from Employer A to B? (I’m aware that priority date will not affect)
  2. I am on H4 EAD - valid until March 2021 - what will happen to my renewal in March 2021 (I guess I can apply within 6months) considering Employer B starts the GC process but I-140 will not be approved by then
  3. Even after my spouse joins Employer B, can I still use approved I-140 from Employer A and apply for H4 EAD renewal?

Your answers will be very helpful so I can take appropriate steps.

Please advise.

Thank you!!

H4 EAD card stays valid.

Thanks Anil for the response. My specific question is how can I renew my H4 EAD by March 2021 if my Spouse if moving to a new Employer now? Can I still use current approved I-140 from my Spouse’s current Employer to renew my EAD?