Work experience calculation with 3-4 days break

My spouse has overall 12 years experience. Can we get 15 points for that? As for the deductions, they will deduct 2 years from last 10 years or 4 years from total experience.

If we look for the past 10 years, there is one switch and 3 to 4 days break before joining the next company.

Would that give us a total of 7 years 11 months? Or they will round it as its around 7 years 11 months and 26 days after 2 years deduction?

The degree is related to the work experience and ICT major.

Hi @Nze

Its not possible to estimate it with the limited information you have shared.
ACS will count the full work weeks and may or may not ignore the days.

The best option is to file assessment if you are serious about filing PR application.

Thanks Anil.
We have already filed the ACS. Got positive assessment for myself but the spouse is in process who is the primary applicant. We filed it on 5th march, so if we calculate it between 5th march 2010 and 5th march 2020, there is a gap of 4 days which i am not sure how it is being considered.

Hi @Nze

I think that ACS will ignore it but the issue is that your EOI will still not count those 4 days. EOI takes exact dates into account.

You can keep the current employment end date empty, then EOI will automatically increase points once those 4 days of work experience is completed.