Work experience in two geography

Hi Anil,

I came to the US on L1 visa but I’m still an employee of my India company. While filling the Express Entry profile I did not divide my current company experience into two rows and just added the location as India.

However, now I am going to submit the Post ITA application and wondering do I need to add two rows for my current company experience. For my India experience, I will put the start and end date (US departure date) but for my US experience, I will put the start date as US arrival date and to till date.

Is that ok or should I go ahead with a single row similar to Express Entry profile? Actually, I got confused when I was filling the personal history section and Travel history section then it triggered my mind that the current working location is the US and NOT India. That’s why now I want to split my current company experience based on geography. But I’m not an expert in this so I will go ahead with the recommended way. Please suggest.

Thank you!


Write it the way you can prove it on paper.

If your company can issue work experience letter with clear separation of Indian and USA time period, then write is separately in express entry profile.

If not, then it is better to write a consolidated total experience irrespective of country.

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