Work experience letter with different designations (same employer, same location)


I was promoted twice through the tenure with my ex-employer (same location). In my experience letter, the employer has mentioned all the designations (last as well as the previous ones) and common section of duties. Since my duties were the same through all of them.

I am wondering if that’s fine?

Since I held different positions, will they be considered as different employment episodes? and will ACS expect different roles and responsibilities for each position?

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ACS official guidance says that roles and responsibilities should be mentioned separately for each designation.

It is better you just mention the current designation only if roles and responsibilities were same for both designations.

Okay, thanks @Anil.Gupta . So I have requested my ex-employer to mention only the Last Held Designation in the letter. I am assuming I will submit the entire period with my ex-employer as one employment episode.

But my other documents (eg: payslips or any other employment documents that I might have to submit) will have three different designations through the tenure. I hope this won’t be a problem during ACS assessment or during EOI?

Hi @Vinay_Menda

I don’t think payslips would be an issue as long as they show your name and salary.

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