Work experience start should match ACS date in EOI?

Hi All,

I have started working in my first company from Feb 2011. In ACS, they deducted my 2 years and mentioned that My experience after Feb 2013 equate to work for developer programmer. While lodging eoi, I have mentioned my first company experience from Feb 2011 itself. Is it correct? Or do i need to mention my first company start date as Feb 2013? Please suggest. In eoi score reports my experience points are 15 for 8 years but my experience after deduction of 2 years is 6 years only.

Nikhil Khandare

Hi @nikhil_khandare

You should mention the ACS date in your EOI as your work experience start date. If you do not mention ACS date, you are overclaiming the points and that’s not good for you.

Hi Anil,

What does it mean by ACS date? Can you please go through my ACS report and suggest me the start date?

Thank You!
Nikhil Khandare,

Hi @nikhil_khandare

Your ACS start date is 1 Mar 2013.