Work from home -different state in CoronaVirus

Hi Anil,
I am on H1b and my current work location( where Lca is filed) is in Texas (I have it approved till March 2022) .
Since the offices are closed in Texas , I am working from home from Florida.
Do I have to file for an amendment to continue to work from Florida?
Or do I have to go back to Texas and wfh there ?
Is USCIS letting people to work from any place because of covid 19 situation?

Thanks in advance

Read this:

I am with employer A client A in chicago; my 797 and i94 was valid till 31st march 2020 and now extension is in progress at NSC. My project is getting over and i got selected with client B (same employer A) located in texas. But for now i will be working from chicago due to covid.

In this situation MSA will not change even though client is changing . Do i need to file an amendment?

Hi @asrm_arfg

Please read above.