Working outside India, Apply Indian PCC from Delhi RPO using parent's Pune address?

Hi Anil,

I have got a job offer from Australia and I am about to start my VISA process. Immigration agent from Australia has requested many documents and among them one is PCC. I am not sure if this a problem or not but this is where I need your advice.

I got my passport issued in 2014 from Delhi. I was staying with my parents that time and now they moved to Pune last year.

So I had a house rented under my name last year which I vacated in Aug 2019. Since I vacated my rented house I am travelling for work outside India and back in December end and then move to Australia in Feb.

My office is in Gurgaon, I am working overseas on a project and I do not have a current address in delhi.

So can I use my parent’s pune address as current address in PCC form and get PCC done in Delhi passport office since passport is issued from Delhi office. Please let me know if this is a right approach or happy to hear from you.


If you are currently in Australia, then you should get PCC from Indian embassy in Australia.

Actually I am in Kuwait and back full and final on 26 Dec. And planning to apply from India only. Then in that case what shall I do.

You would need a current valid address in Delhi to apply PCC from Delhi’s passport office.

They might decide to do physical police verification before they issue PCC due to address change.