Working remotely outside US for last 6 months on valid H1B

Hi, I have a question regarding H1B. My H1B was approved in Oct 2020. I was already working on F1 in the US before that. Cut to July 2021, I came to Canada for my stamping but due to pandemic, I was only able to get my stamping done in Oct 2021. This is my 1st H1b stamping. Due to pandemic and personal reasons, I could not enter the US right after my stamping. However, I was working remotely for this entire period. I am planning to go back to the US, I need advice on my current situation. I want to understand what are the challenges that I may face at the port of entry. Please let me know if an appointment is required to discuss it further. Thank you.

You will need to carry copy of your complete I-129 H1B petition, copy of I-797, employment verification/offer letter for the H1B job.
You may be asked normal questions re: the H1B employment.
In addition to above, talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer and carry other documentation that they suggest.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do have all the documents mentioned above. since I continued working remotely on US payroll from Canada, could that be a problem at the port of entry?

Did you discuss this with your employer and attorney before continuing the work beyond 180 days?
It seems you did the due diligence and then took the informed decision.

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