Wrong ACS number in EOI

Hi Anil,

ACS did not count my current organization experience due to lack of document, so I could not get 8+ years points. I am applying for re-assessment with the missing document now and it will take another 45 days (as it took last time). I am expecting positive outcome this time.

The outcome will not come before January draw, and will also lose 10 points on 20th January (due to age).

Will it be safe to enter the existing ACS reference number in the EOI to secure the invitation and produce the correct one (with 8+ exp) after getting invitation (If I am lucky to be invited). I do not want to lose chance of January draw as after that it will be difficult for me.

I understand that entering wrong info in EOI can lead to PR rejection, but would like to know your opinion on this. Will it be considered illegal and can cause rejection of PR ?

Kindly advice

I don’t suggest to use the wrong report number to secure an invite.

It is possible that case officer does not accept your argument as the invite would have been sent based on wrong report meaning that you did not have the points at that time.

You will lose your fees and time as case officer does not look at your case until the full fees has been paid.

I don’t suggest to take this risk.