Wrong date of birth in Eoi and received 190 Victoria Pre invite

Hi i have received invitation 190 vic
But i have noticed i put wrong date of birth
But it doesn’t effect on points.
What i can do now
Can they change on that or not
I have to apply for Victoria nominations but i cant because of date of birth.
Online application for nomination is mot accepting my right date of birth because of wrong in eoi
Can u please advice me what i can do.
Dnt wanna wait for another invitation

Hi @harry

You should be able to convince immigration officer with your correct date of birth if it does not affect your points.

Just submit all the documents as requested by Victoria pre-invitation.


@harry can you list down details of your points, code a date of EOI?

@harry … Can you share your Phone Number in a Personal Message? My friend also had similar situation now … Need to talk to you