132211 Finance Manager with 80 points - applying under 489 visa class

Hi Anil,
I find your responses very useful and relevant. Thanks a bunch for the prompt responses and your time.
My plan is to apply via 489 subclass so I can get the 10 points that come with the subclass.
I have a few questions:

  • Please confirm that I can claim 10 points under subclass 489?
  • With 80 points for 132211, what are my chances of success?
  • Approximately how long it takes to get an invite with 80 points?
  • I’m claiming 5 pints for designated language (NAATI), I hope that’s fine?

Alternatively, If I can get max points for IELTS with 8 band, total points will be 85+

  • How long do you think i need to wait to get an invite in this case?

Looking forward to your kind feedback.

Thank you.

How do i know if you qualify for 489 or not?

489 needs a sponsor and is not PR.

Thanks Anil and well noted.

What are the chances of applying under 190 visa class with 80 points (132211)?
How long I have to wait to get an invite?
I believe, 5 points for NAATI can be claimed under 190 class.

Looking forward to your kind assistance.

Hi @Fernedo

I do not have state invite data at this time to share the estimation. Sorry.

Hi Anil,
You have mentioned in the occupation list 85 points for 132211.

  • is this under 189 or 190 class?
  • any idea regarding the chances of invite with 85 points and how long?
    Thanks again.

Our list shows points for 189 visa only.

Noted Anil.
Any idea regarding the chances of invite with 85 points under 189 category?
Thanks again.

You have good chance of invitation with 85 points in Sep 2019 draw.