140 approved but status changed to i-140 status : "Case Was Sent To The Department of State"

Hi Anil,

My 140 was approved on July 24th and status says - we approved form I 140 Immigrant Petition.

On July 28th it changed to Case was approved and my decision was emailed. Also says emailed you an approval Notice.

On July 31st , we sent your case, Receipt Number SRCXXXXXXXX, to the Department of State for visa processing.

Can i know why i see so many time case status get updated and what does it mean about Department of state ? Does this tell me my petition is approved or what happened.

Any clarification here is much appreciated. I am also awaiting to hear from employer what does this about. Wanted to check with you as you may have went through with same situation before for any of them.

Also i need file my 7th year H1 can i do it with this approval ?

Nothing can be said until you receive the approval copy from USCIS.

Hi Jay_KM,

May I know what happened in your case?

I have a similar issue like yours, and want to understand what actually happened. Thanks!