189 & 190 visa invitations for external auditor - EOI Aug 2019

Hi all,
Under 221213-external auditor category I have 85 points under 189 subclass and 90 point under 190 subclass after 10 points as single. I have applied these EOI on August 2019. Is there any chances to get invitation coz I will lose points due to age on February 2020. Regards

You have good chance of invite in next 2-3 months with 85 points. State can also send an invite as you have good points.

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Hi Anil,
But after Feb first week I will have total of 80 point under 189 and 85 point under 190 are there any chances as an external auditor?

Hi Anil,
After the new point system coming in place from mid November, I now have 85 points in 189 (Skilled Partner) and 90 points in 190. What are the chances of invite for accountant job code? My EOI DOE is 11 Jul-19.


Hi @AbhinavT

Chances are low for an invite with 85 points for accountant job even with new system.

Hi Anil, I have the same case 85 in 189 subclass and 90 in 190 subclass as external auditor are there any chances of invitation ?

My answer is same for your case as well.