189 invitation in July 2019 draw received

Hey Anil,

Happy to inform that I got invitation today.

Points- 80
Date of effect:06may19


Congratulations, Viswas. Can you please let us know what does date of effect means?

I have also applied for 189 and raised EOI in May for 261311 with 80 points.

Can I too expect the invitation?

Thank you.

Date of effect. The date on which your current points attained. You can check the same when you login to your application.
If this month is missed for you, you can expect next month for sure

Thank you for the quick reply. In case you also need to submit PCC for Masachuettes, USA for state then please let me know as well the process as much info isn’t available on net and even agencies do not help with MA PCC.

Thanks and Regards,