189 Invitation received but Partner's ACS skill assessment in not valid

Hi All,

I received 189 invite and I m claiming 5 points for my partner’s skill assessment. I read everywhere that the requirement is to have a valid skill assessment on the date of invitation. But I believe this requirement is applicable for the main applicants’ as the main applicant is claiming points for the work experience in the last 10 years ( which can be proved by the skilled assessment later) and I am in doubt if the partner’s ACS assessment need to be valid at the time of invite? We are claiming only 5 points and the requirement to have only relevant skill assessment from the assessment authority and not proving the total years of experience for that 5 points. In this case,if the skill assessment validity is really important at the time of invitation ? Will it be ok to proceed with the visa application and submit the new skill assessment with the visa application? Pls advise. Thank you.

You can lodge the visa and then submit the assessment as soon as its available.