189 offshore India grant waiting from July 2019

I am waiting for 189 offshore grant (developer programmer) since July 2019 from India.I have not got any co contact also.Status -is Received till now.
Can you let me know by when I can get pr.
Or dha has stopped 189 offshore grant already


Nobody can predict when DHA will start resuming with offshore grants. Although the movement has picked up post border opening announcement but again nobody can give you a correct timeline. Guess you will have to wait and watch! Wish you luck!

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We submitted 190 SA offshore application in Dec 2019 and so far there is no CO assigned, so you are not alone. Hoping for good.



Thanks all for reply

Hi have you got grant ?

I did get my 190 grant (offshore) last month.

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Congrats …very nice news

When did u lodge ur visa ?

no, I am still waiting.

hey could you share your job code and points?

I am at 85 for v189 for ICT Security Systems…just want to get an idea of the current cut offs