189 Processing Time

We got the invite to apply (189 visa - 90 points) in March of 2020 (Programmer Analyst -261311 job code). Our application is in as of April 2020. Any idea if they are approving applications now? When can we expect to get the visa approved?


Have you checked the current GPT for 189? Check here: Global visa processing times

Also, if you are onshore, your processing time will anyway be less than offshore applicants. In the meantime, you cannot do anything except waiting. Also, havent heard of any 189 grants recently. There are mainly 491 (offshore+onshore) and 190 grants (onshore) reported in different forums.
I too have applied in Mar 2020 for 190 visa but no updates yet. Hang in there mate!

I applied from the US. Thanks for the response!

We received our PR grant on June 21, 2021. Thanks!

That was quick (YES :joy:)
Congratulations :smiley: