189 visa category - minimum points score 80 for the round held on 21st April 2021

Hi all,

I have a couple of questions.

  1. I could see that the minimum points score for 189 visa category is 80 for the invitation round held on 21st April 2021. DHA page also states that 500 people were invited to apply during that round. My question is were people outside of Australia invited during this round or only people who were already residing in Australia were given the invites?

  2. As things stand I am getting 75 points for 189 visa.
    Age (29 years) - 30 points
    English Language (9/8.5/7/7 in IELTS) - 10 points
    Work experience outside Australia (5.5 years after deducing first 2 years) - 10 points
    Qualifications - 15 points
    Partner skills - 10 points
    Total - 75 points

I am certain that I can improve my English Language scores by taking up PTE. Also planning to give NAATI a try. If I am successful with both PTE and NAATI I will get another 15 points which takes me to 90 points. What are my chances (I reside outside of Australia) of getting invited with 90 points for 189 visa category? If I were to get invited how long would it possibly take under current circumstances? If chances are slim I do not want to waste my time and energy on this.

  1. With 80 points, its not possible that they invited offshore people (even if they invited healthcare codes). I have a RN (registered nurse) friend waiting with 85 points and offshore; not yet received an invite.

  2. currently the invitations for 189 are happening quarterly and majority of the invites goes to the onshore people. If you are from a healthcare code, then the chances with 90 points are good. If not, you will have to just wait like others since there are plenty of onshore people waiting with 90+ points and still not received an invite.
    You can wait or look for other countries. Nobody can say what will happen in the future seeing how pandemic ruined everything for all of us.

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