190 - Have you been invited to apply for a Skilled Nominated visa?


When I calculate my points for visa 190, the very last question is:

""Have you been invited to apply for a Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) and the nominating State or Territory government agency has not withdrawn the nomination? “”

How can I be invited before I do my EOI? ( In which case, my points will always be 0 for nomination while I do EOI). Please explain this process.


Hi @Shailesh

The question clearly asks ‘Have you ever been’. This means that if you were ever invited before or not.

The state only gives points when they nominate you and not on simply filing your EOI.

Ok, thanks. This explains a lot.

So this means, once I apply for 190 , my current points will be assumed to be 5+ ( If have 75 points, I should assume my invitation will be for point 80 ? )

The state points are only added to your total when the state nominates you.

Until then, the extra state 5 points are only indicative.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

I am still confused. Please bear with me.
The steps I assume are : skill assessment -> EOI submission -> obtain government nomination ( meaning I get 5 points) -> apply (means I will apply visa with 5 “extra” points)

Please confirm on following:

  1. Are the above steps/assumption with 5 points correct?
  2. The official website mentions that “after getting government nomination and finding an employer , we can apply for visa”.
    Is it mandatory to find an employer before applying for 190 visa?

Your steps are correct.

There is no job offer required for 190 visa if state nominates you.

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