190 NSW Invite ACS Expired

I received by 190 NSW Pre-invite. But unfortunately my ACS has been expired. I have applied ACS on January end seems I will get the result only by April. What should I do?
Note: I created EOI with expired ACS only, thinking I would not get invite in near time. and also no point changed with the new ACS Assessment , the same points is carried but one thing is ACS is expired.

You can submit the application with expired ACS. Also, mention in the application that the assessment renewal is pending and you will submit it once you get it.

Thanks for the reply. But My ACS Expired on September. I created EOI on January With Expired ACS. Will they accept if we create EOI using expired ACS.

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You know the answer yourself and probably just trying someone to validate it.

Please understand that nobody can solve it. If you created the EOI with false documentation, then its not considered valid.