190 processing times getting longer

Hi Anil,

Is there any particular reason you are aware of why 190 is taking longer time to process than 189 at the moment?

Both the estimated processing times published in DHA website and the analytics in immi tracker portal seem to indicate the same thing…
I am now kind of regretting my decision to lodge 190…may be could have waited till Nov 2019 to get the 189 invite :frowning_face:


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There is no need to regret. There is no guarantee of 189 invite.

A bird in the bush is better than 2 in the air at this time for Australia.
Don’t worry. Processing times get faster after July every year.

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Anil - Your comment got me in high spirits. Thanks a lot again!

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Agree to Anils comments, if you hadn’t filed for 190, you would have cursed yourself for not doing it and would be looking at each months draw anxiously and got further depressed. What’s your story, when did you file for 190

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I lodged my 190 application on 21st June 2019 and front-loaded all docs including PCC and medicals.

I did the same in January 2019, still no response. But I was super-happy that I get invitation from NSW for 190 visa, as requirements for software developers for 189 got tough.

That’s not even a month mate, I filed in April 2019, still waiting. It will take 6 months at least.

Hopefully you should get it very soon.

I applied for ICT business analyst via 189 with 75 points and 190 with 180 points by Jan 2019. Still I haven’t received any invitations yet. How long do u guys think I need to wait

@luke have you received any invite yet?