190 submitted in July 2019

Hey Guys

I submitted my application and fees for 190 for Victoria in July 2019, I was asked for another document which I submitted in Nov 2019, I have no update on my application since and the status has stayed “Further Assessment”. I have been updating the application with life events like child birth, address change etc. Just wanted to know if anyone else is waiting since this long?
I tried calling but got the same response that status will be updated and they have no way to check my application. 2 plus years is a really long time and I am losing hope of getting it even processed.

Hello Arpan,

It’s unfortunate that you have to wait this long but there are people with similar case like you and have been waiting since eternity (yea that’s the right word). I guess covid came and stopped everything in Australia (while the rest of the world was still functioning). Since the borders have reopened and there have been a few grants for offshore applicants as well in the last few weeks, so just wait for your turn. Try keeping sane, I know the wait is frustrating. I waited for almost 2 years and got my 190 visa last week only so I can understand.
Wish you luck!