190 Visa -State Nomination options for offshore 261313-Software Engineer

Hello Anil and Everyone,

Need your advise for a long research I am doing on state nominations. I have been looking for this information for quite some time and did read quite a bit on all the different state immigration websites.

I am a offshore applicant (India) with 261313 Job code and (85 + 5 for state nomination as per the new point system from Nov 16)

As per my understanding Victoria is the only chance to get nomination from, for a offshore applicant.

Mostly all other states are having additional criteria as a Job offer or a one year contract, which is next to impossible to get. Even I see new detail for QLD, all IT jobs are removed from the QSOL.

Please provide some info or option if you are aware of any other state accepting offshore 261313 where I would have a good chance. (Apart from 189 as I already applied 189 with a DOE of October 2019 and no one is sure what is going to happen with 189).


Even i have similar questions in my mind. For my current occupation I find openings only in Melbourne. What are the chances of getting PR with 75+5 state nomination in 190 for victoria.

I kind of agree that Victoria is probably the only option left for software engineer occupation at this time in 190 visa category.

But, i still feel that 80+ points have good chance of invite in 189 category and you can expect an invite in 1-3 months with 80.

Hi Anil,

Now with this point changes… i got 90 for 491 and 85 190. I filed EOI with 261313 job code. Could you please me what are the chances of invite with these points…


Hi @pteSiva_P

You have good chance of state invite but there is no guarantee. There is no fixed time frame either.

Hi Anil,

I have applied for visa 190 with 75 points and 189 with 70 points. I am not much aware of new changes into the score after Nov 16. for the code 261313 from offshore.

Request you to help me understand what are the chances I might get.

Thank You.

Please read this:

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Thank You Anil.

Just another question.
My spouse is a Homeopath and the occupation is not available for assessment as per VETASSES. Can you please help me understand if Homeopaths have scope to participate in this process and get their degree verified as per new system.

Note : I am not a homeopath. so my ANZSCO code is different.

Hi @Bhushan

If there is an occupation code available for homeopath, then you can get their assessment done.

Hi Anil,

I have applied for Software Engineer VIC state sponsorship with 85+5 points this month.
whats your thoughts on this? How long you think processing time would be, I have been working in Melb from last 3 years as software engineer.


Hi @Sailaja04

I don’t have any time estimate. Your chances of approval are good since you already have a job in Melbourne.

Thanks for the quick response as always Anil :slight_smile:

One more question, apologies if it sounds silly, I have submitted only EOI via skillset, should I be applying via living in Melbourne as well ?

Hi @Sailaja04

There is no need to apply separately on Victoria state website.

Thanks once again for your response, Appreciate it :slight_smile: