190 VISA waiting for grant more than 1year already

I received 190 nomination from Queensland on 27thMarch2019. Submitted my visa application on 4thApril and then was contacted by CO for more information medical, PCC on 19 Nov 2019.

I had 2nd CO on 2ndMarch 2020 to upload all scan copies of China visa for my wife Since I couldn’t provide PCC for my wife for her period of stay in China. I updated and shared explanation on 04 Mar 2020 as requested.

It’s been over a year and no update for more than a year now from immigration. Even more bizzare is it’s almost 2years since I first submitted my visa application.

Is this normal? I am not sure how much is impacted because of Covid19. Even for some strange reason if they reject my application I should get an notification right.

I do agree the time is not ideal to move to Australia with job market due to Covid.
Anyone sailing in the same boat as me or experiencing similar processing time.


I guess this is the new normal now. Had Covid wasnt there, you might have received your grant after your second CO Contact. And you arent alone. Many people are waiting for their grants over 1-2years now.
I too have submitted my 190 visa app in March 2020 but not a single update since then. Guess, will have to just wait and watch and count our lucky stars. :crossed_fingers:

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