1st H1b visa is in administrative processing issued in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


My friend’s H1b visa is in administrative processing from May 9 2019 and still it says Administrative Processing. He gave visa interview in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as he’s currently working there. He is in EVVC model and coming to USA on his first H1.
Is there any chance that he will get the visa stamped? The petition is approved for 3 years.

Here’s what, as per the case status site:


Hi @Muhammad_Imran

What information was requested as part of form 221g, if any was issued?

Was he asked to fill form 5535 after the H1B visa interview ?

No Anil,

He has not been asked any particular information, neither he is been given any form to fill. I am considering the fact that his name contains Khan and he’s from Pakistan, working in Saudi Arabia from around 6 years, that may raise questions and putting him for background check. I am reading the article you presented in your reply. Thanks Anil for doing this awesome job for ppl like us

Great job :+1:

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Hi @Muhammad_Imran

Well, that explains the reason behind delay. The name and country combination is probably behind the delay. Not sure though.

HI @Muhammad_Imran
Did ur friend get his visa issued?..can u tell me how long it took?..facing a similar situation

No sir, he’s still waiting for his visa. But he’s having good job in Riyadh so he’s not much worried. He already took passports from usa consulate as he had to travel, so let’s see what would the result be :slight_smile:
Are you also in Riyadh or somewhere else?

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Just wanna update @ds5535
My friend visa is been refused. They haven’t informed the reason but they have refused his visa issuance.