2019 born child - will stimulus check be sent for him?

Hi, I am on H1B. I have a 2019 born child and I still haven’t filed my 2019 returns. Just wanted to get some thoughts on below questions regarding Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

  1. Will they consider 2019 returns if I file it now?
  2. Any idea if I can claim for my second child separately later on

Thanks in advance


You can file your 2019 return now.

The bill is still not approved and president has not signed it. I think your 2019 return can still be considered.

I cannot guess if you are planning your second child or he is already in this world. If your second child is US citizen, then he will be counted.

Thanks Anil. He was born in 2019 and my question was -If they consider 2018 tax returns (he was not part of my 2018 returns) any way to request them to consider him?
Thank you so much

You can file an amended return for 2018!