2022 EOI invitation 189 for Registered Nurse NEC

Hi expert team,

I would like to ask your thoughts about EOI for 189 invitation. Is there any chance to get 189 invitation with 75 points as Registered Nurse NEC onshore for 2022? EOI was submitted on 19/01/22. Otherwise, what advise would you suggest? Thank you kindly.

Haven’t you submitted an EOI for 190? Which state are you residing in currently?
Chances are more in 190 rather than 189 seeing 189 invites are being given to people with 90+ points and rounds are happening quarterly.

Hi Pooja, thanks for sharing some thoughts. I am currently in NT atm, and I haven’t put my EOI 190 because I need to wait for 6 months as the requirements. I thought I would just do my EOI 189 first, and if no luck, then I will update it again for 189. I am aware that 189 is so tough and mostly requires 85+ for secure.

Do you think it will have any issues? What is your thought or prediction ahead for EOI 189 and 190? Really appreciate your thoughts.

With just 75 points, I dont think you will get an invitation for 189 anytime soon. Better would be to continue working in NT for the next few months until you complete your 6 month requirement and lodge your 190 EOI. I believe you will get through 190. In the meantime keep your EOI for 189 active.

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Hi Pooja. Thanks again for sharing. I want to know, within 6 months time and when I am about to submit my EOI 190, should I withdraw my EOI 189 or keep it as ongoing? If my EOI 190 is staying in my application, will it impact my EOI 190? So, that means I will have EOI 189 and 190 under same account, is that correct? Any thorough advices would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

When you submit 190 EOI, you dont have to withdraw 189 EOI. Once you receive an invitation on any EOI, and subsequently lodge a visa, then only you should withdraw other EOIs from the system.

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Hi Pooja!! Thank you again for the details. I hope I could figure it out how to withdraw the EOIs when the time comes. Much appreciate!

Now I am curious when is the next invitation round to be happening. Thought would be end of January, unfortunately no updates so far.

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