221-g case resolved


I received a 221(g) notice on my H1B visa stamp on September 23. As my case was experiencing delays, I book H4 visa appointment and I got H4 visa on Nov 23 and travel back to USA on H4 visa. Recently, I received an email from USCIS stating that my case has been resolved and instructing me to submit my passport. However, I am currently in the USA on H4 Visa.

Currently my visa status still shows refused.

I’m contemplating the next steps – should I travel back to my home country to obtain an H1B visa stamp, or is it advisable to stay here and apply for a Change of Status (COS) to H1B?

Hi Jaywant,

I’ve received a 221(g) notice on my H1B visa on Dec 20th. I’m planning to apply for a H4 visa soon. I’m curious to know what questions the VO asked in your H4 interview. Did you have to mention about your pending H1B visa?

Thank you

I applied for J1 visa my case is under AP for almost 6 weeks, how long it will take