221(g) Yellow slip for h1 b @Mumbai consulate

Hello guys ,

Need suggestion for recent experience with Mumbai consulate for h1 b…

Visa officer handed me yellow slip at Mumbai consulate, returned my passport and asked me to send additional documents regarding project , client letter/EVC , academic copy etc…

I don’t understand why they asked me to send out EVC related documents even though I’m full time employee for big ISP company… and weird thing is they have already yellow slip ready for us before they started asking question to me and my wife…

Have you ever seen such issue before if person asked to submit EVC for direct employee ?

Can you please let me know how long it does take to resolve the case after they receive documents from employer ?

Thank you…!!

This is odd. Did you had a chance to explain that you dont work in EVC model?

Did they ask any questions that you answered and made them think that you might be working in EVC model?

Make sure the employment verification letter you submit with other requested documents, along with the copy of your job offer, clearly explains your job position and duties that outline that you are full time employees and work for your employer instead of client contracts.

Thanks Kalpesh…

Do you know how long it takes to resolve such case for embassy after submitting all documents?

Hi Devang ,

Same situation as yours i m also full time employee & VO give me yellow slip & ask the same doc & what is strange he had that slip before asking question ?

Did you heard anything from them ?