221g and case status refused

I got 221g for H1B interview on 22nd Jan and they sent few questions to my employer last week and asked for documents. My employer responded same day . But today my status is showing as Refused in ceac .i haven’t received any email or anything . What does this mean?

Please help. Is there any chance of approval or it’s dead end?
It’s first time H1B and I am in India currently. The project was in house and no client .


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Hi Reshma,

Same happened with me. Nothing changed and suddently it is showing refused for me.

What’s the current status for you?
When did this happen?

current status refused and it happened on mar 3.

check this link:

So it’s nothing but still in Administrative processing? Only the language is changed and terminology is changed?

it seems so. but you never know.

Thank you so much . Kind of relieved . Let’s see Please update if u get to know anything

Surely. Where did you went for stamping ?

Chennai 22nd Jan. What about u?

Delhi Jan 30 and sumitted all docs on jan 31.

Hi all,

I have verified and you are not alone. There are many people who got this status updated to ‘Refused’.
No need to worry.

Hi reshma,
Did you get any updates on your case ?

They requested for more documents but my employer doesn’t have those documents. I m still stuck. What about you?

Hi Reshma,
I responded 221g via email on 27th April 2021. Once we sent the email normally how many days it will take to respond. Do we need to check our mails regurarly or need to check the CEAC. Could you please confirm.


Depends on your case. They took 3 months to respond to my first mail as it was lockdown last year and consulate was closed. Now since again consulates are closed expect the reply only after may 31st. Keep checking your mailbox for the reply