221g Blue slip and returned passport for client verification at Chennai Consulate

H1B Stamping Renewal on 7th year and VO gave 221g blue slip :
Came to India for a emergency and need to attend H1B renewal stamping in Chennai.

VO asked basic questions like who is your petitioner: Employer C,

Basic salary, client name, client location, highest degress (B.E EEE) and Client letter( End date as 31 Dec 19).
Generally my client letter issued every year. VO took my client letter inside and after few mins came back, gave a 221g blue slip with no documents requires.

(Interview date: 11 Sep 2019). My visa ends by 29 Dec 2019 and I’m a onsite hire ( EC Model).

Client verification happened on Nov 14th 2019. Till date case was not updated and still remains at interview date as last case updated date on CEAC site.

My concern is that my visa expires on Dec 29th 2019 (in 3 weeks) and need to be in US to file my extension ( All documents are ready ,even got 2020 client letter ).

What should i do now? FYI, I have a i140 approved from employer B (Approved on Dec 2017) and this is my second stamping after 2016 (previously with employer A) and now with Employer C.

I am really worried since I haven’t packed anything in US, just came with clothes for 20 days and stuck here for past 3 months :frowning:

Please guide me on some solutions or workaround please.

Hi @sravee85

There is no workaround that can practically work in your current situation.

Why did you apply for H1B visa when it was valid till Dec 2019? Has US embassy cancelled your existing H1B visa?

If existing H1B visa has not been cancelled, then you can travel using it. You can withdraw your existing pending H1B visa application.

I Did not apply any new visa,.My visa ends on Dec 29 2019 and 221g still in progress for stamping and im in chennai for past 3 months,so if it goes beyond that ,

What are the possible ways for me ?

Hi @sravee85

What i am trying to say is that you could have used the existing visa stamp to enter US when it was valid till Dec 2019.

There is no other way but to wait for US embassy to finish their administrative processing.

My last visit to india was on 2016 and visa stamped till 2018 …so i dont have any visa stamped till date…came to india with i797 till dec 2019 and got 221g blue slip …so what possible ways do i have Anil ?

I have i140 approved and on 7th year of my h1b …4 months out of US including my vacation

Till date only client verification was done and after that no progress till date…i797 expires next week

My bad…i should have mentioned i797 instead of visa …

Can you share you mob no or email me din6mis@gmail.com please. I am in same boat.