221g Blue slip Chennai Consulate - Project Details, Client Verification: Returned passport

Hello All,

Interview date: 09/16/2019.

VO returned the passport and provide me with 221g blue slip requesting documents from ABC company about Technical project description, Job responsibilities, Worksite location, Marketing analysis of the product.
ABC company: submitted the documents on 09/28/2019 to the email address provided on the 221g slip.
Visa Department contacted my company to get further details about the worksite location on 10/18/2019.
ABC company: Submitted all the required documents on 10/21/2019.

  1. How long will it take to get response from them?

Thanks for answering.

Hi @sam_s

Has US Embassy requested you to submit your passport yet?

Not Yet Anil,
Waiting for their email.
Do you have any information, how long will it take for them to give their decision.

Samba siva

Hi @sam_s

These kind of cases are taking anywhere between 6 to 8+ weeks. There is no fixed timeline.

Thanks Anil.Gupta for your response and time.

Hello All,

I did my masters in usa and got my H1B in 2018. I came to India for stamping in the month of July.

1st interview date :- 16th July 2019, VO gave me 221g blue slip and kept i797a and passport with him.

July 23 :- got an email to collect passport and i797a copy.

July 24:- picked my passport and i797a copy, received another 221g along with passport. Consulate asked me to submit all documents.

Aug 26th:- my employer submitted all documents

Aug 27 :- got a email from Chennai consulate for re-interview along with all docs.

Sep 5th:- attended 2nd interview. VO took client letter, w2 and university transcript.

Sep 19th:- client verification is done.

Sep 30th :- got an email to submit passport along with email copy

Oct 1st :- submitted my passport and email copy at VFS Hyderabad

case status is never updated till now

case update date is 2nd interview date (Sep 5th)

Is there anyone in similar situation?

Hi @Anil.Gupta
Can you please suggest me ?

Hi @reddy051

What is your question here? Which company do you work for and how many vendors do you have in the layer?

What questions were asked by visa officer?