221g blue slip for wife h4 asked to resubmit wedding album and re-registration of marriage

Hi Anil,

I am working full time in USA and got my H1 stamping 3 months back when I visit India and got engaged during the same time.

My wife attended the H4 Visa interview today. we had register marriage and got the marriage certificate. We got the engagement pics and marriage certificate for the Visa interview. But the VO was not convinced since their is no ceremony photos. Later my Wife was called to room and interrogated bu another VO. My wife convinced the VO we were married but have told full ceremony will be held next week. Later VO asked her to write a statement saying Marriage is not performed and will be performed on Sept 8th.

She was later given the 221g blue slip and asked to resubmit the following docs

  1. Wedding photos
  2. Re- registration of marriage
  3. Passport to the newest VFS

We are little tensed about all this unfortunate situation, we will be really thankful to any advice.

One of the main confusion we have is "what is re- registration of marriage? .

We already register the marriage in the sub register office saying marriage is performed on Aug 22nd. Can we re-register again for Sept 8th. I am little clueless and tensed. Please advice. What is the processing time and approval chance for this case. I am worried if it gets denied? We are newly weds very tensed about all this now :frowning:. Please advice

Hi @pruthvi_gowda

H4 form 221g cases for wedding photos and dates are on the rise and i had warned about it earlier here:

What US embassy is asking is to re-register the marriage with the date that your actual full ceremony happens.

They take these kind of cases very seriously and consider it as human trafficking.

Thanks Anil, it was honest mistake, I should have read your blog earlier:( We will re-register the marriage and will submit all the required documents. Do you think even after fixing this we will have any serious consequences?

hi @Anil.Gupta, I am little worried about the fact VO took a written statement from my wife saying marriage is not performed and full ceremony is on Sept 8th and then issued 221g to submit re-registered marriage. Can you please tell me will this have any negative impact on H4 VISA approval even after submitting all the required documents after full ceremony?

Hi @pruthvi_gowda

I think you are fine as long as you can submit the wedding photographs and new registration certificate with real date of full marriage.

Do not worry.

Hi Anil,

I have a similar case and have to share wedding photos in email. Do I have to share the wedding photos in pdf format as it is written in 221g to share all documents in pdf format?

Also, do we have any idea how much time it takes for processing after submission of docs?

Thank you!

Hi @Munawar

If the form 221g asks to share all documents in PDF, then i suggest to scan all of them in a PDF file.

It can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks of processing time.

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hi @pruthvi_gowda i’m also in same problem what about result?? How long it took for your wife visa to get approved??

Hi @Anil.Gupta actually i also faced same problem as @pruthvi_gowda but in my case i was asked only for wedding photos and returned back the passport.

I’ve shown official marriage certificate and engagement ceremony album pics with all our family members in pic but they issued 221 g blue slip to submit official wedding photos (thali moments in hindu marriage), our actually big wedding gonna happen in next month is it okay to submit the asked wedding photos after 1month from date of 221 g issued??

Is it will be problem for delayed reply?? because we don’t want to take risk so we’d like to sent all important moments of our wedding as evidence but it gonna be happen only next month??

will this be a problem?? will this come under administrative processing or document missing category??

Hi @nanthinib

The problem is in sending the photos earlier than the real wedding.

Offcourse, you need to wait for the wedding to happen and then send the pictures.

Don’t worry. Did you tell the visa officer that full ceremony has not yet happened?

Thanks a lot for your reply @Anil.Gupta.

No i didn’t say anything about full ceremony i simply said that mangalsutra pics are in separate album.

Now its with my husband in USA, VO gave me blue slip to submit official wedding pics nothing more than this happened, so my question’s does VO suspicious about late submission of wedding photos that is like 1month gap ??

Do VO think y it took so much time(1month) to submit wedding photos??

Hi @nanthinib

VO already has a suspicion on your real marriage and that’s the reason they have asked for more documents and pictures.

I don’t think anything else will happen if you submit them in a month’s time.

The only concern is your marriage date which you would have given based on some other ceremony. Have you got the registration done on same date or date will change based on full marriage ceremony?

I had warned earlier that you should not attempt H4 interview without the full marriage ceremony.


We are in a similar boat. We registered our marriage in Aug 2019 and had our traditional wedding ceremony in Nov 2019. During the Embassy interview, wife got a 221g blue slip asked to submit the following (exact language on the 221g):

After full wedding ceremony in Nov. 2019, photos from wedding, marriage certificate (not from Arya Samaj), copy of PAs current valid H1B visa.

My question is do we need to re-register the marriage with the traditional wedding date?

We incorrectly produced the marriage certificate from Arya Samaj (that’s why the arya samaj comment probably), instead of government’s registered marriage certificate (which we also had).

Yes, you need to register marriage as per the real marriage date.

Hello @Anil.Gupta , my wife is in the same boat. VO returned a passport with a blue slip and asked specifically for wedding photos. We have submitted wedding photos. Can you please tell me how long it takes for the process?

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Same boat here, we sent the documents 2 weeks back no update yet

@ddssff I am in the same boat and would really appreciate if you could share the outcome? I hope your H4 visa is approved. Could you advise if you re-registered the marriage and submitted the documents at VFS office? How long did it take to know the outcome? Appreciate your earliest response.

We did not re-register the marriage. We submitted the photos from our traditional wedding ceremony, the marriage certificate from Aug 2019 and a copy of my H1B visa to the email address provided to us. It took about 4 weeks but the H4 visa was approved without any further questions. Hope that helps.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Do you know anyone has resolved this issue? Should submitting the wedding photos (Hindu rituals) photo should suffice or is it required to get updated marriage certificate (changing legal married date to Hindu rituals married date)? Has any one changed the marriage date and would like to know the procedure? Appreciate your reply.