221g blue slip - intenal Project details, returned passport at Chennai consulate

Hi Anil ,

I have a question like will
My case need client verification ? I got 221 g blue slip to Submit documents like project description and client letter saying there is vacancy and 12 pay stubs …

I have one more question regarding client letter as no start and end dates are mentioned in my letter a… are they needed?

Hi @Kriyansh

US embassy will decide if the client verification is needed or not. Usually, in other such cases, US embassy does send the email to client manager for verification.

It is always good to have all the information in the client letter that you think will help visa officer decide on your case. I do not know how the visa officer will decide if there are no start and end dates.

Thank you for your response

Hi @Prakash_Arumugam

As per my opinion, this is a clear conflict.

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Hi Kriyansh,

Any update on your case? Please share if you get any positive sign.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your responses. My Visa status changed to “Issued”. Waiting for my passport.

Thank you so much for your advice.