221g blue slip - intenal Project details, returned passport at Chennai consulate


I recently appeared for the H1B interview @chennai consulate. I got 221g blue slip and VO returned my passport.

VO: which client you are going to work?
Me: I’m going to work for internal project.
VO: what is the project all about?
Me: it’s all about handling data of the employees of the company. (We are having staffing company in US who does the major business and this project is all about handling the employee details who is placed to through our company).

VO returned the passport and blue slip and asked to submit the project description, duration and number of employees who is working on the project.

Can anyone tell me what is the possibility of getting the VISA approval?


Was this the same project that was mentioned in your H1B petition?

Hi @Prakash_Arumugam

The way you have answered, chances of approval are really low. I am surprised that visa officer gave you form 221g. In these kind of cases, they usually just deny it straight away.

You are required to know each and every project detail that you are going to work on. Since, you do not know anything, they have a strong suspicion that your job/project does not exist.

Hi yesterday I went for my visa stamping In Chennai and got 221 g blue slip and passport returned

They asked me to submit the client letter with new dates and project descriptions

Hi @Kriyansh

Looks like Chennai is on a roll on issuing form 221g. I am hearing couple of cases everyday.

I have a doubt as they asked Em client letter saying that there is a vacancy and I had visa interview on 18 Dec 2019 and I approached client regarding client letter and they responded and provided letter but the date in that they mentioned is 15 dec 2019 …

They said that my project ended on DEC 15 2019 and they said they will support me if they get call or any client client but a good thing thing they didn’t mentioned any end date in client letter

I am worried about date mentioned in client letter …

Please suggest

My employment is EVC model and the documents asked is. Client letter with new letter
Project description with job and duties and employees in employer company and 12 months pay stub

I am so worried as I got other project which I need to join on Jan 15 as I mentioned earlier I have all but in client letter they mentioned date as 15 dec 2019 but my consulate appointment happened on 18 dec 2019


How client verification will done and just want to know is client verification mandatory in my case and how and what questions they will ask client


Yes, my colleague also got 221g last week. Same case like mine. They’re expecting project details…

Questions asked

Who is ur client …answered
Who is ur employer …answered
Who is ur vendor …answered
Gave vendor letter provided to me and he took and
Salary …answered then he asked
How you now your employer I said I know him from india and I worked with with when I was in india

VO: laughed and again asked same question how do you know employer I gave the same answer

Then he gave 221 g blue slip and returned passport
I asked him why he gave 221 g he said that you need to submit documents mentioned in the document

How many chances I have ?

Hi @Kriyansh

Embassy will verify your client letter by contacting client or client manager in US.

They usually send an email directly to client manager to verify what you said in interview.

Will they send client letter to verify the content which we submitted

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Client provided me client letter in which date They mentioned is 15 DEC 2019 but I had my consulate appointment on 18 DEC 2019 and they asked for new client letter …,I am worried


Thank you for reply …hope everything goes well

I am not able to understand what you are saying.

Looks like you do not understand the simple rule of visa stamping. You have to submit the client letter and all other documents which should be valid on the day of interview and show the future work assignment.

If you are saying that your client letter already expired on the day of interview, how do you expect visa officer to give you visa if there is no new work assignment available for you in US?

Sorry for confusion … they didn’t mention any end and start date in client letter …and the issuance date mentioned in the client letter is Dec15 and I appeared interview on dec19 … can I submit that client letter…

What is the problem in submitting the client letter issued on Dec 15? I still do not understand as to why you are worried here?

My employer giving tension that u r consulate appointment was done on dec19 and client letter was issued on dec15 … they may ask again new client letter with updated date …I mean he asking me to send client letter issued after consulate appointment

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If your employer is so worried, then why can’t they arrange for a new client letter and send it again?

It seems your employer is more worried here!!

Anyways I only submitted all the documents today …
He asked me to send all docs to consulate though it was mentioned in slip that petitioner needs to submit client letter and project description with roles and responsibilities letter …

He just forwarded and I sent email to consulate behalf of him …

Crossing fingers …

Thank you for ur prompt reply

Really appreciate

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